Rental Web Office With Soft Ware For Any Small Business 
$49.95 per month

* Hosts a standard "Brochure Style" site.
* Has secure log in for 5 Levels of Workers/Owner
* Has secure log in for Customer Project Management and Job Tracking
* Has Complex pricing including uploading of price tables and features
* Has file upload for sale or tasks
* Has email links for workers and customers
* Customer Data bases can be uploaded from Spreadsheet

* Secure Calendars! with appointment sharing for workers and customers
* On Line Drawing and product placement maps - online drawing and placing
* Log in From Any Computer Anywhere Securely!
  No client side software needed (all features if using MS IE) just like a checking account
* Job Pricing and Job Costing! Soon with Fully integrated Accounting at no additional charge
* Discussion Board, Marketing, Task Passing with History, User Preferences,
* Customer Marketing Generation and Lead Tracking and more!
* Start Using Immediately!

To set and manage leads and appointments and more
* Gradual Integration!

Use with your existing paperwork while entering products/services and pricing and forms. Any form can be uploaded and drag and drop configured for automatic form-filling

No Buying a Computer For Self Hosting!

No maintaining, updating, and backing up your own server. Your website becomes custom made to your specifications by you and your own computer using personnel. Or hire from our reasonably priced pool of freelancers.

 No programming skills needed!
Enter everything you need to run any business, and work from home, a lap top, a coffee shop, and most functions on a PDA. Form configuring allows for art and copy layout and with multiple copies so paperwork can be generated and reloaded as a background contract or ordering form for print, fax or email.
All for only $49.95 per month!

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